Wireless Site Survey

A wireless site survey is the key to planning and implementing a successful wireless network installation. Determining the correct quantity of access points and their respective mounting locations are actually the simplest tasks accomplished during a site survey. Techsential specializes in performing RF site surveys and it’s important to note that Techsential goes well beyond the “typical” act of surveying a facility.

 Our surveys take into account both voice (VoIP) and data communications over the planned wireless LAN . Transmission rates, throughput utilization, and wireless channel assignments are all key elements considered and documented during a Techsential wireless site survey .

The Techsential Difference

In addition to the scientific data gathered at each site, prior site survey experiences and creative techniques are used during each survey. This mix ensures that each new installation gets the best combination of antennas and related equipment that maximizes the client’s investment and minimizes installation effort and cost.

Once a survey is complete, a written report is provided for the client’s internal use and permanent record. Any wiring installer or maintenance technician can use this report as a guide during the installation process .

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